What is Sports Mssage

Sports massage is the manipulation of the soft body tissues. It helps clear the lymphatic system and improve blood flow to the muscles and reduces knots and adhesions in the muscles which in turn will leads to faster recovery times. It was developed by the support crew of cycling tour races to help their athletes to recover faster than their competitors. Where it differs from other types of deep tissue massage is that it targets problem area and can be tailored depending on where in your training you might be – pre/post event or general maintenance.
Sports massage can be beneficial to the non-sporty too – sitting at a desk all day, being in a car all day or even doing yoga all day can leave tension in the muscles that could benefit from a deep tissue massage.
Sports massage works alongside medical treatment and can carry on after you have completed your treatment and can look at other potential causes of discomfort.

What to Expect

The first time you come to me we will discuss what activity you do and any history of injuries etc that I need to know about. We will then discuss which areas you would like to me work on. For best results you may need to remove items of clothing to allow access to the areas being treated, but you will be covered by towels for privacy. I will then give you a deep tissue sports massage which will aid your recovery from your sporting activity and leave you feeling relaxed.

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